Problems logging in once you've signed up? Read here.

A few things to keep in mind once you sign up, before you send me an email:

1. ALL users are validated by an admin before allowing them access to the forum. If you signed up, you must wait for an admin to look over your sign-up, check your TK-ID match-up, and give you proper access. Once you have signed up as a new member, an email is auto-dispatched to me. There is no reason to email us over this matter. Just be patient, your access will be given and an email will be sent to you shortly.

2. If you've changed email addresses even after you've registered, the system will send you a verification email that you MUST read and follow the link inside, else your membership will be set back to guest. Make sure to read the prompts from the forums, and check your email before sending us an email. This is all auto-generated. Emails sometimes take a few minutes to go through. Please be patient.

3. If your membership with the 501st Legion has gone from full member to guest/non-active, your membership in the forums will reflect this as well. Only full/active 501st Legion members shall be allowed "Enlistee" access to these forums. All else will be in separate account classes.

4. If you were validated yet set at non-active, you did not complete the registration process correctly. You must fill in your current rank/TK-ID/Squad, etc. Also, You must fill out all personal information, including a phone number. This is another reason your account might be rejected. This information is only for administrators, other members cannot see this.

5. If you have not logged in for a long time, your account will be purged, and you must re-sign up.

6. The main website user database and the forums database are different. If you would like access to our main website, you must sign up there as well. Signing up on the forums only gives you forum access.

Thank you!